Édouard Manet, *Bouquet of Violets*, 1872

Édouard Manet, Bouquet of Violets, 1872

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Issue #46 (Spring/Summer 2024)
Video Interview about Gawkers: Art and Audience in Late Nineteenth-Century France
22 March 2024
"Painting in Kierkegaard's Shadow," for Art and the Difficulty of Expressing the Truth
Lovis Corinth Colloquium
Emory University
26-27 April 2024
"Painting in Kierkegaard's Shadow: Works of Love from Denmark's Modern Breakthrough." Workshop at Søren Kierkegaard Research Centre, University of Copenhagen
2 February 2024
"Gawkers: Art and Audience in Late Nineteenth-Century France." Cambridge Seminar Series in Nineteenth-Century French Studies
Cambridge University
29 January 2024
"Painting in Common: Works of Love from Denmark's Modern Breakthrough." Old Dominion Public Lecture Series, Princeton University
14 November 2023
"Hammershøi's Shadow." History of Art & Architecture and The Brown Arts Institute Lecture Series
Brown University
3 November 2023
"Hammershøi's Shadow." Lecture at the Getty Museum, Los Angeles, in conjunction with the exhibition Beyond the Light: Identity and Place in 19th-Century Danish Art
16 July 2023
Book Talk in conversation with the artist James Welling, Program in Media + Modernity, Princeton University
11 April 2023
Marie Krøyer. Exhibition at the Skagens Museum, Skagen, Denmark; The Hirschsprung Collection, Copenhagen; and the Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde Museum, Stockholm, 2023-2024.
Q&A on Gawkers
Video: Women Artists in Paris: 1850-1900, A Conversation with Laurence Madeline
Department of Art & Archaeology, Princeton University